ANZONA Webinar Sessions


Date Time Weblink (click to join the session) Recording Link
22/10/2019 1930 ACDT
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Launch ANZONA 2020  
19/12/2018   Wound Care click to view
19/6/2018   Competency Framework click to view
14/12/2017 1900 ACDT Fracture Radiology click to view
1/3/2017 1900 ACDT ANZONA Fracture click to view
25/10/2016 1900 ACDT Critical Thinking in Nursing click to view
19/7/2016 1900 ACST Orthopaedic Nursing in Myanmar (Burma) click to view
21/6/2016 1900 ACST Title- Neurovascular Assessment click to view
24/5/2016 1900 ACST Compartment Syndrome click to view
23/2/2016 1900 ACST Restricted Weight Bear - Megan White, ANZONA President click to view
8/12/2015 1900 ACST limbs4life click to view
30/6/2015 1900 ACST Orthopaedic Nursing Education click to view
26/5/2015 1900 ACST Orthopaedic Publications click to view
21/4/2015 1900 ACST Initial Management of Spinal Injuries click to view
18/11/2014 1900 ACST Substance Abuse & the Ortho Patient click to view
2/9/2014 1900 ACST
Pain Management in the elderly patient click to view
24/6/2014 1900 ACST click to view
20/5/2014 1930 AEDT click to view
10/4/2013 1900 ACST ANZONA VTE in Ortho Patients click to view
11/2/2013 1900 ACST Orthopaedic Nursing today-Paul McLiesh click to view
    SAON- Updates from International Conferences click to view


Some of the local education sessions that each chapter of ANZONA hosts will now be available on line & in real time. Any member of ANZONA can click on a link below & listen to the presentation as it is being given. You will be able to hear the presenter, see the PowerPoint slides & be able to ask questions of the presenter. Please do not use a webcam as it increases the band width required by the presenters’ internet connection. You will need to check the corresponding time of the presentation in your local area- times are given in the time zone of the hosting group. (eg 1900 in WA may be 2200 in Victoria) The sessions may also be recorded & available for download.

To listen to the presentation you will need to have a computer connected to the internet (preferably a wired connection for best speed, a microphone (only if you wish to ask questions) & speakers to hear the presentation. However it is best to have a headset with a microphone attached so there is no feedback through your speakers when you ask a question.

Check the password in the list below as you will need to enter this to join the session. - This link has some examples of the headsets available- they start from $15 upwards. The more expensive the headset the better quality of sound & likely longevity of the product however the cheaper sets still work well.

The time of session is set for the hosting groups’ local timezone.

Use this link to check the corresponding time in your area.

More information on how this webinar program works: